I post 3 different ways–    Thinking Out Loud   —an article on various topics,    Devos   —short devotionals posted each week, and    Applied Truth   —a simple Bible study.

I post 3 different ways– Thinking Out Loud—an article on various topics, Devos—short devotionals posted each week, and Applied Truth—a simple Bible study.


Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Here's a bit about me...

I've had the privilege of planting a church in the US and establishing two ministries overseas, and many other ministry experiences.

I disciple and mentor in a few small groups in Jacksonville, FL and beyond. I also travel within the US for workshops and coaching, and go overseas to teach and train leaders whenever possible.

I've written a book, training materials, and Bible studies for disciples, leaders, and cross-cultural missions. Check out my "shop" page!

I've served as a chaplain in a local restaurant and a small business, and I'm one of ten experienced pastors serving with Poimen Ministries.

I love mangoes, Thai and Mexican food, but I love my wife, children, and grandkids more! And, I'm still a  follower of Jesus after all these years!

EE Leaders Interview | Trip Kimball | In this episode, Pastor Daniel talks about training leaders with Trip Kimball. Trip draws from a lifetime of ministry experience mentoring and developing leaders.


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Here's my simple description of discipleship—

the transfer of our personal, experiential relationship with the Lord to others in a relational framework of one on one, or one with a few, requiring a mutual commitment of time, willingness, respect, patience, and discipline.

But how do we do it?

True discipleship is intentional, relational, and personal. It requires a mutual commitment based on a relationship with the Lord Jesus.

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Are you missional? Today it's popular to be "on mission," but whose mission are we on? God's or ours?

The primary mission of God—the Great Commission— is expressed in all of the gospels and in Acts— making disciples, preaching the gospel, and extending God's forgiveness and reconciliation to all people in all the world. (Matt 28:19; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:46-47; John 20:21-23; Acts 1:4-5, 8)

Cross-cultural missions can take place far away or in any urban area of the US. Anyone can be a missionary, but some simple equipping before going is valuable to do it well.

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One thing all pastors contend with is expectations. People may expect pastors to “have all the answers” but this is unrealistic.

This is the value of mentoring and where experience tops expertise. Mentoring is not so much being an expert but of having some perspective.

Experience deepens and broadens a person's perspective, when they've learned important lessons along the way.

A good mentor has gifts and develops skills for listening, encouraging, clarifying, and affirming others they coach, advise, teach, or train.

Trip is one of ten pastoral mentors with Poimen Ministries.


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