My wife and I are products of the 60's and the Jesus People Movement of the '70's, born and raised in Southern California.

I've cleaned toilets, hung and taped drywall, run a backhoe, cared for children, led worship, and done almost every type of ministry in and around churches you can imagine and more.

In the mid-70's, Susan and I served at a church and retreat center where we learned much about ministry and people. It's been an adventure in faith across the continent and the world.

I planted a church with my wife and young family in 1978, in the high desert of So Cal. It continues to flourish today.

In 1990, I joined a ministry in the Philippines that equipped pastors and leaders. It later morphed into a training center with three arms of ministry— training leaders (using the inductive Bible study approach), a Bible school, and missions hosting and training.

My wife and I established a home for abandoned babies and children in 1991, which also ministered to abused girls and young women. After 23 years of fruitful ministry, we brought it to a close, in June 2014.


We live in NE Florida, where we work simple jobs. I've self-published a book, and an inductive Bible study workbook. I'm working on another book and some question-based Bible studies for leaders and small groups (see the Resources page).

I still have a strong commitment to pastoral ministry and discipleship, teaching and equipping leaders, and world missions. I hope to pass on to others the lessons learned along the way, and offer guidance to avoid mistakes and heartaches I endured. When ever possible, I travel to mentor and train pastors and leaders.

I'm blessed to be part of a team of pastors with Poimen Ministries. We are committed to serving pastors and their churches from the base of our collective experience. This includes mentoring and coaching, evaluations, and assisting with leadership transition.

I lead a local home Bible study-discussion in Jacksonville Beach, and a couple other studies through the week. In between work and studies, I've served as a chaplain to the staff of the Loop restaurant at St John's Town Center, and am now helping coach a local businessman. From time to time I also get to serve with the local YWAM base, which I love to do.

Each week I write one major post, a short devo (devotional), and a simple Bible study. Thanks for stopping by to read!

I hope you'll keep checking back and even subscribe to my posts.